Dual Diagnosis 101: What is it and Why is it so Effective in Treating Addiction

Dual Diagnosis 101: What is it and Why is it so Effective in Treating Addiction

Substance use disorder is not just about addiction to alcohol and drugs; there is also some mental illness that the patient suffers. Research shows that six out of every ten people with substance use disorders also suffer an underlying mental illness. 

This is where dual diagnosis comes in, as it recognizes the aspect of addiction and the co-occurring mental illness. Therefore, if the issue of mental illness is addressed, the patients are more likely to overcome addiction, and there are no possibilities of relapse.

What Is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

These are drug treatment centers that diagnose both mental illness and addiction. Dual diagnosis is usually difficult and takes much more time than addiction treatment alone. However, dual diagnosis treatment centers have proven to be more effective than drug rehabilitation centers that only focus on addiction alone. Below are some of the benefits of a dual diagnosis treatment center.

There are Full Psychiatric Health Assessments

Dual diagnosis treatment is a comprehensive program that recognizes treating addiction and leaving out mental health can lead to the reoccurrence of the same condition. Some therapy options include Cognitive-behavioral therapy, 12-Step therapy, Dialectical behavior therapy, and a Somatic experiencing program. All these therapies combined have proven to be very effective in drug treatment.

You Learn How to Cope with Triggers

There are situations such as influence by your friends that trigger you to substance abuse. Depression, bipolar disorders, and anxiety may also lead one to alcoholism and substance abuse as a mechanism to cope with the situation. In a dual diagnosis treatment center, the psychiatrists will uncover the root cause of addiction, whether past trauma, mental health disorder, or any other triggers, so that the patient is in a better position to recover.

You Learn How to Change Your Thought Processes and Plan for Future

Dual diagnosis treatment center recognizes that even drug addicts have a better future that awaits them. These centers use counseling and peer support groups to help the patient change his thought processes and plan for his goals to achieve the desired future.

A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Offers a Focused Care

All patients have different root causes of addiction; dual diagnosis recognizes this truth by giving patients more specialized and focused care. They help each patient move from pain by providing individualized proper care and therapy. They learn more about past trauma and painful experiences and how to overcome them in the future.

You Receive Both Mental and Physical Treatment

A combination of medication, and individual, and group therapy has proven to be very effective in addiction treatment. There is also evidence that physical exercises such as sporting helps in substance abstinence, for which all these therapies are offered in a dual diagnosis treatment center.


Dual diagnosis treatment centers are very effective because these centers offer attentive care and help patients change their thought processes and plan for the future. They also provide full psychiatric health assessment and help the patient to cope with triggers. Dual diagnosis treatment centers also offer both physical and mental therapies.

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