Dress Like A Groom

How To Dress Like A Groom At Your Own Wedding?

Great styles and outfits are not reserved for brides alone. It is a big day for the two of you. If your bride’s elegance is breathtaking and yours is awful – you’ll ruin the occasion. 

The attention will be on her, but heads will turn to you too. So, you must level up and complement her elegance while sprucing your outlook. The best way to do that is by putting a lot of thought into your outfit in advance.

You don’t want a last-minute rash for an outfit that could make you look like a clown on your wedding day.  

As part of planning, you can consider these ways of elevating your style as a groom: 

  • Accessorize properly to complement your bride’s style 
  • Setting the dressing code for your men but stay distinct from them
  • Dress appropriately based on the season 
  • Rock what makes you comfortable 

Let’s dive in and get you up to speed on how to ace your wedding style using the above tips. 

1. Accessories to Complement Your Bride’s Elegance

Your bride-to-be will rock accessories like a bag, belt, necklace, bracelet, earrings, hair ornaments, etc., to add glamour to the occasion. You should coordinate with her to ensure you compliment her elegance. 

As such, the accessories you rock shouldn’t clash with her but effortlessly create harmony in your overall look. There are some picks to coordinate with your bride: 

  • Jewelry. Ensure your wedding jewelry compliments each other, from wedding bands to necklaces you rock. So, to match her simple but elegant wedding band with one or many gemstones, choose a diamond ring too. 

Most importantly, the chosen piece should add glamor and style to the occasion. Diamond wedding bands have stunning styles and designs you can customize to your preference and partners.
The goal is perfect jewelry coordination that elevates your style and complements your bride’s outfit. 

  • Color. If you choose the typical black, gray or blue tuxedo, it should at least compliment the bride’s dress. For a less formal or traditional wedding with options of casual dress code, ensure your color looks excellent alongside your bride’s choice. 

A great color pair can create a unique contrasting yet attractive look that elevates your style while creating harmony with your bride’s color. 

Color  Best color pairs that make it look great
Gold  White/Black/Blue/Red/Deep Green/Maroon
Orange Ivory (creamy white shade)/Peach
Blue Gold/Beige/Black
Red Black/Beige/Ivory/Gold
Pink Bright Red/Blue/Grey/Yellow


2. Be Distinct From Your Groomsmen 

You’re the model for every male guest at your wedding. As such, you set the fashion pace for them to follow. This is particularly crucial for your groomsmen. 

It means your outfit and the men’s should be similar but a little sharper, crisper, and fancier than the rest. Well, that’s how you stand out as the groom of this incredible union day. So, you’ll need to take care of some extra details on your ensemble. 

For example, if it is a tuxedo or suit for the men rocking two pieces, choose the three-piece that is fancier and dapper. If the groomsmen are rocking black bow ties, choose another striking color. 

The goal is to ensure your men have great styles and designs, but yours switch it up a bit. You’ll be lost and hard to notice when you rock what everyone is wearing. The distinction alone will elevate the elegance of the occasion. 

3. Choose Appropriate Attire Depending on Season

Choose Appropriate Attire Depending on Season

You’re free to rock what makes you happy. But choosing a pair of shorts, crocs, and a t-shirt for your winter wedding is a big NO. Whether you’ll rock a formal or casual attire, your choice should factor in the season too.  

Here’s a breakdown of some options for each season worth considering: 

  • Spring: Formal attires may be stuffy for a warm season. But, tuxedos are seasonless. However, you can choose more breathable or cocktail attire for a less formal wedding. 

If you choose suits, grey or blue suits are perfect for spring events. Other lighter colors can also come in handy. For extra detail and elegance, pocket square, watch, footwear, etc., should also be great. 

  • Summer: Summer is for lighter colors and breathable attires. You don’t want to rock a suit during a summer that has turned into a heat wave trap. For beach and destination weddings, warmer fabrics like linen will make you comfortable while elevating your ensemble. 
  • Fall season calls for richer fabrics. A brushed cotton or flannel suit can come in handy in fall events. You can add a polo coat longer than your suit jacket. An accessory like a nice scarf can further spruce your look. 
  • Winter events need warmer and thicker fabrics. Formal attire vibes are perfect for the chilly weather because you’ll need additional layering. As such, tuxedos and suits, alongside exquisite accessories like leather belts, nice pocket squares, cufflinks, etc., can improve your look.

4. Settle For What Flatters You 

Most grooms face two major challenges when choosing a killer attire for your big day: 

  • Pressure from your bride and family to choose a specific outfit
  • Forgoing tailored suits and attire for rental clothing that may not correctly fit your body size. So it can be too tight or very baggy. 

The first challenge calls for firmness, so you should have more say in the choice of outfit you will rock. Don’t let yourself be talked into wearing an awkward outfit like a powder blue suit if you have a big, well-built body. That makes choosing the right color and size for your outfit. 

That brings us to the second challenge – rental clothing. Renting is cheaper than tailoring an outfit that is suitable for your size. You can get a fitting suit or tuxedo if you’re lucky. However, most are either too tight or loose. If you can afford a tailored outfit, go for it rather than rent them. 

A perfectly fitting outfit is comfortable and turns you into a suave gentleman. And that confidence and glamor are what sets you from the rest on your big wedding day. 

How to Elevate Your Style and Complement Your Bride’s Outfit? 

There are several ways to spruce up your look and add elegance and glamor to your wedding day. However, you must consider coordinating some details with your bride-to-be to complement her style. Other factors that can elevate your look as a groom include 

  • Accessories like a diamond wedding ring, square pocket, a classic leather belt, etc.
  • Stand out from your groomsmen 
  • Rock an appropriate outfit depending on the season 
  • Choose what makes you happy and comfortable 

Your bride-to-be will make an exceptional effort to look great. Try to match her energy and make the day a glamorous one. 

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