Cheap and Reliable Leased Lines

Leased Lines

If you are looking for a cheap and reliable leased line, the first thing you should consider is where you live. Different regions and cities have different prices for leased lines. This can result in huge differences in price. If you do not know anything about the market, then you may end up paying far more than you really need to. However, there are some providers such as Virgin and BT that do extensive marketing.


BT leased lines are highly competitive. They start at PS90 per month for a basic line and can go up to PS800 per month for super-fast full fibre lines. BT will also cover the costs of installation. Long-term contracts are preferred, with a minimum of five years. Short-term contracts are also available, though BT will charge higher rates.

BT leased lines are capable of high-speed Internet access with symmetric download and upload speeds. BT also offers services for remote offices with live chat support eight hours a day.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media Leased Lines UK offers data, internet, and phone services for businesses. It also partners with the public sector to improve connectivity in schools and communities. It also offers a service for emergency services, which helps them perform their jobs more efficiently. Virgin Media Leased Lines UK offers two types of services: 30 Mbps and multi-gigabit speeds.

The company’s network is the second largest in the UK and provides nationwide connectivity to businesses and public sector organizations. The company has more than 600 wholesale partners and connects over three-quarters of UK businesses.

CCS Leeds

CCS Leeds is a UK based broadband internet provider offering secure leased lines for a range of businesses and organisations. They also offer bonded ADSL and SDSL connections, and can deliver a range of connection speeds. As one of the leading providers of internet lines in the UK, CCS Leeds offers high-quality, scalable bandwidth to suit a variety of business requirements.

CCS Leeds is the premier provider of leased lines in Leeds and has recently hosted an open day at its latest data centre in Seacroft, Leeds. This facility is home to hundreds of servers for businesses across the UK. During the event, CCS Leeds demonstrated the reliability of the data centre, including its ability to cope with power cuts.


TalkTalk Leased Lines UK offers a range of different leased line packages. These include Ethernet Access Direct, Ethernet First Mile, and Ethernet over Fibre. You can choose the package that best suits your needs and budget. The company prides itself on offering a reliable and affordable solution to businesses. Its customer support is excellent and is available around the clock. TalkTalk also provides a dedicated UK-based account manager to ensure your needs are met.

The company invests a significant amount in its network. They offer industry-leading products to suit businesses of all sizes. Their leased line packages range from 10Mb to 1Gb and cost from PS199 per month upwards. The company also offers free installation and dedicated account managers for all of its business customers.


One of the UK’s oldest ISPs, Zen Leased Lines UK has built a reputation for offering reliable connections. With an extensive network and personal customer support, Zen is a popular choice for businesses seeking a scalable, high-quality connection. It also boasts a 100% uptime guarantee and fast response times. Zen leased lines are available to small businesses in many UK cities. In addition to a wide variety of leased line services, Zen also offers a business partnership programme.

Zen offers speeds of 2Mbps to 10Gbps. It has an on-net presence in over 400 exchanges throughout the UK. It also provides 24/7 technical support for business customers. Its pricing is competitive and it has recently reduced the cost of dedicated Fibre Ethernet leased lines by up to 36 per cent. In addition, Zen offers 24/7 technical support and a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA). The company promises that it will respond to all customer queries within five minutes.

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