What type of business expenses are deductible in Canada?

type of business expenses

Do you wish to start up a new business in Canada? Then, you need to be fully informed about the types of business expenses that can be written off. You can find all the necessary information in this article, so keep reading to learn more!

We will share the tax deductible business expenses as per the rules of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The amount which you are permitted to deduct from your total taxable income is known as a tax deduction, and it is very beneficial for you because it lowers the total amount of taxes you must pay each year.

What do you mean by Business Expenses?

You must understand what constitutes a business expense before you can learn about the types of Business expenses. In essence, it is the amount of money you spent starting your business, which you are entitled to deduct from the taxes you have to pay.

All expenses that assisted you in starting your business such as rent, payroll, transportation costs, and utility bills, qualify as tax deductible business expenses.

What are the Types of deductible Business Expenses?

The list of tax deductible business expenses given by CRA is given below so read it thoroughly and don’t forget to claim the following types of expenses when you file your taxes:

Business-Related Home Expenses:

As per the rules of CRA, the expenses of insurance, maintenance, heat, electricity, mortgage interest, property taxes, and other expenses can be deducted only after comparing the size of your home to your business place.

If your home is located at 1000 sq meters and your business area is at 200 sq meters, then you can only claim the 20% deduction.

Do not try to add the cost of labor when claiming maintenance or any other damage. For additional details, go to the CRA website.


The money spent in the form of wages and other benefits for employees also comes in the list of tax deductible business expenses, you are allowed to claim and deduct the amount you use for salaries. 

Start-up Expenses:

You can write off the cash you spent on your company’s start-up, but you must have been actively operating your company throughout the fiscal period in which the expense was made in order to qualify.

Items Cost:

The cash you spend on purchasing company-related things is likewise regarded as deductible business expenses. In essence, these are the materials that your company had to utilize inadvertently in order to render services.

License and Taxes:

You may write off the cost of permits, fees, business taxes, and other dues, but avoid writing off initiation fees, particularly for leisure and athletic pursuits.

Items used in Offices: 

The cost of normal stationary items like pens, stamps, thumb pins, and others can be deducted but do not think to deduct the cost of chairs, desks, or cabinets.

Traveling Costs:

If you frequently travel for work, you should be aware that the 50% limit applies to the price of your travel-related activities.

Property Rent:

The rent of the property used for business purposes can also be deducted as per the rules of CRA, it might be any workplace, the structure you rented, or even the room.

Real Estate Tax:

If you give the property tax in which your business is placed then you are allowed to consider it as a business expense and deduct the amount. This comes under the Business-Related Home Expenses so claim it carefully.

Bad Debt:

As per CRA, you are allowed to deduct the amount known as bad debt, it is the money that you were unable to collect.


The insurance costs of pieces of equipment used in the business or machines or any other devices can also be deducted as a business expense. If you wish to deduct the insurance costs of a motor vehicle, claim it as a motor vehicle expense.

Utility Expenses:

Utility bills also come in the list of tax deductible business expenses, which includes electricity, oil, gas, and telephone expenses.

Bank and Administration Charges:

You can deduct your management and bank fees associated with running your business, including those linked with processing payments. There are some restrictions, which you may read about on the CRA website, but you can also write off the interest or money you borrowed for business purposes.


Regardless of the type of advertisement, digital including television, Canadian radio, and or others, you are allowed to deduct the expenses as per the rules of CRA.

Wrapping Up:

This article would surely be a great help for the people who wish to grow their business in Canada, we hope that now you have a clear idea of tax deductible business expenses as per the rules of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). You can also visit the official website of CRA for further information!


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