The Blockchain: What Is It and How Does It Function?

The Blockchain: What Is It and How Does It Function?

The phrase “blockchain technology” has likely been used in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin over the past few years. You may even be wondering what blockchain technology is. It seems to be a platitude, but only theoretical sense, considering that blockchain has no specific meaning that the typical person can easily comprehend. 

What is blockchain technology? The technology involved, how it functions, and why it is so in today’s digital age. For instance, each member group in WhatsApp is comparable to a node in the blockchain network.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), uses a decentralised network and cryptographic hashing to make the history of any digital asset transparent and unchangeable. For example, blockchain give the big security for whatsapp. The simple operation of blockchain technology demonstrated using a Google Docs document. There is no copying or moving when you make a Google Doc and share it with a group of people. The base document made accessible to all users thanks to the decentralised distribution that established. Sign up now for Real-time recording of all modifications to the document ensures complete transparency and prevents anyone from being locked out while awaiting updates from another party.

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

Several businesses have recently begun utilising Blockchain technology, as you may have noticed. How, though, does blockchain technology work? Is this a significant change or only an addition? Since blockchain technology is still in its early stages and has the potential to be revolutionary in the future, let’s start by demystifying it.

Combining three popular technologies, blockchain:

  • keys for cryptography
  • A network of peers that uses a shared ledger
  • A process for computing network records and transactions

Two types of keys:  Private and public. These trade secrets support the execution of two-party transactions that are successful. These two keys are unique to each person who uses them to create a reference to a secure digital identity. The feature of Blockchain technology is this protected identity. This identity, known a “digital signature” in the cryptocurrency industry, is employed in managing transactions.

Blockchain based on four ideas:

Shared ledger

A distributed system of record that is “append-only” and shared across a business network is known as a shared ledger. Transactions are only recorded once with a shared ledger eliminates the repetitive labour that is typical of traditional commercial networks.


Transactions are protected, verified, and validated thanks to permissions. Organisations can more easily adhere to data protection laws, such as those outlined in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)” and the EU General Data Protection Regulation, with the flexibility to restrict network participation (GDPR).

A smart contract

A smart contract is a contract or a set of rules that regulates a business transaction kept on the blockchain and automatically carried out as part of a transaction.


The network-verified transaction accepted all parties through consensus. Proof of stake, multi signature, and PBFT are few consensus techniques available on blockchains.

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