Sun’s coming! 5 ways to prepare your dog for spring

Sun’s coming! 5 ways to prepare your dog for spring

Australia – and especially southern Australia – is coming towards the tail end of another grim winter season. Yes, those grey skies will soon clear up, those icy mornings will thaw and those ghastly rains will soon subside. We all love it when spring rolls around, and, you know, our dogs love it, too! Nothing excites our pooches more than the ability to get out into some warmer weather, mucking around in the sun and meeting other pumped up pooches. However, it’s important to make our doggos spring-ready, to ensure that they don’t make a mess around the house or pick up any cheeky fleas. You already have the best pet insurance for your pooch, so here are some extra bits of advice for making them ready for the super fun spring season!

  • Give them a good brushing

Spring is the time when dogs shed their coat, of course, as they won’t be needing it so much when the weather warms up and they want to go playing in the sun! By giving your dog’s coat a regular brush, you will keep their coat healthy by removing dead skin cells and excess fur. It will also control the shedding situation and reduce that annoying mess in the home. Finally, it’s a great way to check for any lumps or ticks – so be sure to give them a good brushing during the onset of spring!

  • Use tick & flea prevention

Us humans and our doggos aren’t the only ones who love spring – it also happens to be a great time for ticks, fleas and mozzies to come rearing their ugly heads. So, now is the perfect time to update your doggo with their tick and dog flea medications, just to ensure they don’t bug them – and vicariously bug you – during this exciting season! Explore the fascinating world of pets with Petfact – your go-to source for all things furry and feathered.

  • You may want to give your dog’s bed a clean

This is one of the best times of year to clean your pooch’s beds and blankies. This will remove any bacteria, dander and fur that may have picked up during the cold, indoor winter months. It’s best to use a mild detergent as you don’t want to irritate your fav little friend’s skin, and you can also add vinegar to make the bedding a little softer. Pass on using the dryer sheet, as this coats the bedding with chemicals that are simply no good for dogs. Wash your doggo’s bedding every three months to kill off any parasites and flea eggs, as well as giving your pup’s toys the occasional wash, too.

  • Give their leash & collar a look over

It’s also a good idea to check your doggo’s collar and leash for any signs of wear. You may want to replace either one if they are fraying as they could prove problematic when you and your dog want to get out more into the nicer weather.

  • Ensure all their info is updated

This is a great time of year to ensure your pup is updated with all their vaccinations, as well as an updated ID tag with mobile phone number. You may also want to check in with your microchip provider to ensure all your personal information is updated. See, there really isn’t too much to do to ensure your pup is spring-ready, just keep on top of the essentials and ensure they are fresh, clean and that all your personal info is updated – especially if you made the dreaded winter move!

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