Safety Guidelines Followed by Technicians at a Phone Repair Store

Safety first!!! It applies to every walk of life. Technicians at a phone repair store must follow a few steps that are necessary guidelines while repairing any electronic device. By following these steps, they do not fall prey to accidental incidents. Being conscious about the technicians’ safety at a phone repair store also relays a positive image in the eyes of the customers, building trust and brand reputation.

Would you give your smartphone to a phone repair store that precedes a reputation for disorganized technicians having mismanaged working style? Cell phone repair centers that do not provide a proper tool set for their employees will be a big no-no for their customers.

Necessary Guidelines for Technicians at a Phone Repair Store

1. Keep your workstations organized

The organization is the key to success, said and proved by many. An organized workstation will lead to fewer errors resulting in no disappointed customers. Keep all the essential tools organized and at arm’s length at your workstation. This helps in saving time and providing quality services to the customers.

Organized workstations also leave a good impression on the walk-in customers building a good image and future lead. Thus it is necessary to keep the space spic and span for technicians at a cell phone repair store in Murfreesboro.

2. Correct tools make all the difference.

For skilled workers, their tools are considered their lifelines. The same goes for the expert technician at a phone repair store. These modern smartphones have such minute and intricate components and threads that quality service cannot be provided without specific tools. For example, for screws with a plus sign, do not attempt to open them with a minus sign screw head. Do not opt for substitutes as this can damage the smartphone resulting in more damage.

Also, avoid opening the smartphones with fingernails. The uncontrolled force can damage the smartphone’s screen and can also damage the technician’s fingernails. It is essential to use the designated tools, like a plastic opener that not only opens the smartphone but also gently scrapes away the glue.

Having proper tools ensures accuracy and great results almost every time. Also, do not fret over these tools’ cost and consider them an investment as they have an excellent resale value.

3. ESD (Electro static discharge) protection is a must.

The technicians at a cell phone repair center must have an anti-static wrist wrap or an anti-static glove to protect them from electrostatic discharge. There are also anti-static mats or ESD-safe tools that can minimize any static build-up in our body.

But what is ESD?

It is a flow of electricity between two charged objects initiated when they come in contact. The intensity of the current varies from person to person and device to device. In some scenarios, it is a slight tingling, whereas, in many, it is a stun. There are also cases when people don’t feel a thing as well. Most technicians at a phone repair store do not bother using ESD-safe equipment, but it is necessary for the technician’s and the smartphone’s safety.

  1. Take precautions while using heating equipment

To avoid being burnt or scalded, it is essential to use all the heating equipment required to do the repairs, like soldering iron, rework station, hot air gun, etc., with utmost care. A slight distraction can cause you to burn. Thus, technicians should have 100 percent attention to their work while handling soldering tools. Also, the technicians should be careful while dealing with flammable liquids like IPA. As. A connection of IPA with any heating equipment can cause fire and irreparable damage.

6. Protect Customer’s data

Try to protect the Customer’s data as much as possible. In case of a factory reset or installing new software, it is best to inform the clients beforehand about losing their valuable data. This helps them mentally prepare rather than going into shock.

Expert technicians at a phone repair store like SD Cell Plus follow the above-mentioned necessary steps for the safety and security of their technicians. Overall provides a positive image resulting in a positive revenue generation.

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