5 things you must put on your business cards

5 things you must put on your business cards

Business Cards are an old school way to promote your business, however, organizations still uses them. Because they are a faster to give acknowledgement about your brand and products. 

Moreover, it is an affordable, distributable, and fantastic way to let people know more about your brand. 

Whether it is an event or meeting, you can always take your business card with you. It exhorts you uprise your business on a high scale. 

Furthermore, it is a perpetuating promotional tool, which can easily stay in your pockets. It comes with a lot of varieties, colors, and sizes. It depends on your company or brand. 

The main advantage to hold business cards with you is, it is more visible than email. It contains your personal information in a brief note. If you are ever in a business meeting or so, you can hand over your business cards to audience, they’ll be aware more of your business in a quicker way. 

There are couple of things, which you must put on your business card. In this article, we’ll guide you about some vital components of a business cards. 

Why waiting? Without further ado, let’s dive in to it. 

  • Logo

Your business card’s major purpose is to represent your company’s identity. Make sure the logo on the card is creative enough to reflect your company. People should be able to recognize your brand right away if it has a good logo. Your logo might be your brand’s written name, a monogram if your name is long, or any symbol associated with your expertise that represents your brand.

  • Your name and job title

Remember to include your name on your business card so that it may be used to introduce you to people who might be interested in speaking with you. You may establish a personal connection with your company this way. Along with your name, provide your job title so that people may know more about you.

  • Contact information

Let me tell you, a business card with no contact information is pointless! This information might be a phone number or even an email address; nevertheless, personal contact information should not be used for professional purposes. It will not only make your card seem more professional, but it will also help you maintain a healthy balance between your personal and business lives.

  • Social media profiles

Nowadays, social media is the best way to market your brand, and including your company’s social media accounts on your business cards is a wonderful idea. Clients will surely check your accounts to see your work and other people’s opinions about your company, and if you’ve kept your accounts in a good state, they’ll be impressed.

  • Your website

When you want to establish a business relationship with someone, the best thing you can do is give them your website, which you can do via your business card. All further information about you and your brand will be available on the website, allowing people to better understand and collaborate with you.

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