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Wpit18 Dashboard Login: Know Honest Review about Wpit18 .Com!

From the beginning of mankind, animals have been treated very cruelly. Scientists have also been responsible for such cruelty done to animals across the globe. Experimenting on animals has been a very normal act by scientists.

They do so for inventing new stuff & testing out their creations. Some animals have also been sent to space to test the climate there and see whether the place is livable or not.

Also, animals are used as tools of amusement as well. Circus animals are very famous ones where they are trained professionally to perform certain acts & moves.

The show looks good on screen but there is not much good happening behind the screen. These animals are treated very cruelly & not given adequate food for their healthy sustenance.

Wpit18 is a website that also relies on animal cruelty for its rating. Read below more about Wpit18 and the unethical acts which are done through this platform.

What Is Wpit18

Wpit18 is a Philippine website created on 19th December 2020 with the intent of hosting live shows of rooster fighting. People earn through participating in rooster fights by putting money on a rooster of their choice. If the rooster wins, then they earn points.

Although such acts are very unethical & result in animal cruelty, still they are extremely popular in many countries which including the Philippines.

However, these websites are still banned in many countries & betting on such websites is prohibited as it relates to extreme animal abuse.

How Does Wpit18 Work?

In this game, players can bring their trained roosters for a fight. Two roosters will be allowed to fight against each other. The game involves around 4-5 minutes of fierce rooster fighting. Unfortunately, the fight ends when one rooster is killed.

The alive rooster is considered the winner of the game & the parties who placed their luck on the winning rooster get their money.

For playing in this contest, you need to have at least 100 points. You gain & lose points by each subsequent win & loss respectively. The website is free & anyone can participate with just a 100 points minimum requirement.

How to Register On Wpit18?

The registration process of Wpit18 is very simple as listed below:

  • Firstly, you need to go to Wpit18.com by typing in the name of the website in the URL field or searching directly on google.
  • Then you need to register yourself by clicking on the new account option in the Wpit18 Dashboard.
  • Here, the website will ask you about some basic personal details about yourself such as your name, email ID, Facebook ID, contact number, etc.
  • After submitting the form your account will undergo a verification process pending to be approved.
  • After getting approved you can put your money on fights with just a minimum of 100 points.

Is The Wpit18 Legit?

Despite its unethicality, the website seems to be a legit one. However, error messages do seem to appear sometimes when you visit the website. The most obvious reason for this may be getting banned by the government.

For now, the website has shifted to a new web address named wpc2029 .live. WPC stands for World Pitmasters Cup. One more concern about the legitimacy of the website is due to the lack of reviews about the website on the internet.

Animal Cruelty & Unethical Act

There are two very immoral acts which this website forces us to do. Firstly participants who put their money on this website are betting on animals to win.

This results in animal cruelty as the roosters get severely injured during the matches. Secondly, this also engages you in gambling which is another immoral act.

Animal cruelty reaches its heights here as one rooster is sure to die during the fight. This is a very unethical act because no one gives us the right to treat creatures of God in this manner. What if someone did the same to you? Introspection in this matter is very important to renew our moral behavior towards animals.

Many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) are working in favor of eliminating animal cruelty from this world. In the process to do so NGO’s raise strict objections to the acts of such animal abuse & inhuman behavior.

Final Words

People do like having fun with animals. Some people let their evil spirits grow beyond the limits and hence they indulge in such illegal & unethical practices.

Many do it for fun, while others do it as a source of income. Either way, this is not a recommended activity as it has created a sick mentality that it is totally fine to harm animals in search of pleasure & money.

We at News Route are against such heinous crimes & advice our readers to stay away from such practices.

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