A team you can trust: what to ask your garage door service team

garage door service team

The garage door is a mechanical contraption, and like other mechanical contraptions it too is susceptible to hitting the fritz. Broken springs, busted sensors, old rollers and rattling noises are just a few of the reasons your system is down, and when this happens there is only one recourse: call in the pros!

They will ensure that your springs are sprung, your sensors are seeing and that you have the best garage door remotes Gold Coast has available.

But not all service teams are the same, and some have more skills and experience to ensure your system is back and running at full capacity.

Here are some questions you need to ask to ensure you get that perfect team:

  • How many years have you had in the industry?

An experienced team should have at least five years’ service under their belts. Why? Because these systems come with a diverse range of problems, and it can take some years before a servicer can pinpoint and deal with the issues that arise with this imperative home technology.

So, the very first question to ask your prospective team is this: how much industry experience do you have?

  • This (insert problem) is happening – what do you think it could be?

A high quality, highly experienced servicer should have a pretty good idea of the problem just from you telling them about it. Otherwise, it sounds like they don’t have the industry experience to handle the problem once they encounter it. Knowing all about these systems and what problems they incur is half of the job, and so your prospective servicer should know exactly what you’re talking about when you say the system is making a strange rattling sound every time you open and close it!

  • Are your technicians part of the company?

Because if the company doesn’t know the technician, how can they trust them to do the very best job available? You have to know that the garage door technician has the skills and experience to provide a first class service and, if they don’t know said technician, there is the chance that this isn’t the person for the job.

So, be sure to ask who will be doing the work, with the person you consult and think is right for the job, ideally this is the person who will be servicing your machine.

  • Can we get a rough idea of the price?

Before you receive a full quote regarding how much the servicing will cost, you can always ask for a rough idea of the price. Why? Because any experienced team, one who specialises in these systems and the best garage door remotes Gold Coast has, will have a rough idea of the problem and how much it will cost to fix.

What’s more, if they are a trustworthy, reputable team who don’t try and get one up on their customers, then they won’t have to umm and ahh about the price – they will have a reasonably fixed idea of how much it will cost and will be happy to tell you that rough price!

So, be sure to ask your potential servicing team these questions to ensure that they are right for the garage door job. If you find that they don’t check out when asking them these simple questions, perhaps you will quickly find that they are not right for the job, but if they can answer these questions with ease then you have found yourself the perfect team!


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