What are the benefits of using frankincense in your routine?


Frankincense is a substance that is abstracted from the Boswellia tree and can be used as a resin or as an essential oil. The plant ingredient has deep roots in Ayurveda in all of its forms; it’s been used for thousands of years to inspire purification, induce calm, and boost the immune system. 

Boswellic acids, which are major constituents in frankincense, are currently being researched for their anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, among other things.

Is the oil of frankincense still used in skincare? Is it still effective in terms of delivering extraordinary beauty benefits?

Frankincense oil is still utilized in a variety of skincare and body care products, which is not surprising. Although many people are unaware of the oil’s benefits, click here for Royal Hojari frankincense to utilize it in their beauty routine. 

This is because frankincense oil contains a wealth of therapeutic characteristics that may be used alone in a diffuser or added to hundreds of products to improve their effectiveness.

Here’s all you need to know about safely and effectively adding frankincense into your daily routine.

It’s possible that it’ll help in the treatment of respiratory diseases

Researchers said that frankincense’s ability to suppress certain enzymes and reduce the formation of leukotrienes, which cause inflammation, could make it useful in treating respiratory problems.

Although frankincense should not be used in place of a rescue inhaler or other recommended asthma medications, asthmatics may discover that it can help prevent bronchospasms or asthma attacks. Mast cells create leukotrienes during an attack, which constrict the airways and make breathing difficult. 

For six weeks, frankincense resin was given to 50 asthmatic patients and a placebo to another 50 patients in a modest double-blind clinical research. 80% of the people improved their condition as compared to only 28% people in the control group.

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Anxiety or depression may be improved

The oil or resin may produce peace or improve mood when used as aromatherapy or incense. In a small trial with 68 terminally ill hospice patients, 38 patients had a five-minute aromatherapy hand massage every day for a week with a blend of frankincense, lavender, and bergamot, whereas 40 patients in a control group received the same treatment with just a carrier oil. Patients in the aromatherapy group had lower pain and sadness levels than those in the control group.

Joint pain may be reduced by using this supplement

In one experiment, rats with arthritis were given frankincense and myrrh extracts to see how they reacted. In comparison to the control and other groups in the study, rats administered frankincense or a mixed extract demonstrated a slower progression of inflammation and prevented cartilage destruction. 

Human studies are still needed to see if frankincense is a feasible arthritic alternative medicine and how to use it.

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Final thoughts

Frankincense is a tried-and-true essential oil that can be used for a variety of purposes. Frankincense will become a go-to oil in your arsenal, whether you use it as a relaxing joint or chest rub, an aromatherapy tool to help you relax, or an antibacterial agent for dental hygiene. 

Above all, frankincense is one of the most potent essential oils available. It reveals a slew of attractive advantages that we all appreciate.

If you want to use it straight on your skin, however, we recommend mixing it with a carrier oil to avoid any problems.

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