What Are Some of the Best Ways to Edit PDF?


PDF (Portable Document Format) has become the go-to format for people when it comes to sharing important documents or saving them for later use. Whether you are a student or a professional, you will prefer to send a submission or official document in PDF format unless instructed otherwise. There are various reasons for the popularity of the PDF file format.

The PDF format offers flexibility in layout, support for a wide variety of devices, and above all, data security. Tempering or modifying the data saved as a PDF file is quite tricky. While the aforementioned feature benefits many people, it is also a challenge when it comes to adding or modifying the data saved in the PDF file.

If you want to modify the data featured in a PDF file, then you need to convert it into a file format that allows you to make modifications, i.e., you need to go for PDF to Word conversion. However, many people don’t know easy and convenient methods to do it and try to convert a PDF file into Word format manually.

The best way to avoid the aforementioned scenario is to look for some of the best ways to edit PDF files. We have discussed some valuable ways to do it below. Read on to know more.

Making Use of Adobe Acrobat DC Pro

It should be noted that the PDF file format was developed and introduced by Adobe for security and ease of data sharing. Hence, it has some competent tools to handle various tasks related to PDF file format. The most advanced tool amongst PDF tools by Adobe is Adobe Acrobat DC Pro. Using this tool, you can easily edit a PDF file or convert the file from PDF to Word.

In addition to converting files from PDF to Word format, the Adobe Acrobat DC Pro can offer a wide variety of PDF solutions to users. It can merge multiple PDF files, compress PDF files, split files, and add comments to PDF files. However, it should be noted that this tool is not free to use.

You have to pay a significant amount of money in terms of subscription charges that will be charged in the form of monthly or annual subscriptions. If you are not dealing with PDF documents on behalf of an enterprise or someone who needs to deal with PDF regularly, then paying subscriptions for this costly tool is not worth it. Looking for other options that offer inexpensive or even free PDF solutions is better.

Using Smartphone Apps to Edit PDF Files

A smartphone PDF converter app that offers inexpensive PDF solutions is probably more feasible than Adobe Acrobat Pro if you don’t have to deal with PDF documents regularly. Here are some details about a few efficient PDF file converter apps that make PDF to Word conversion of files on smartphones easier for you.

PDF Converter by Content Arcade Apps

This pdf converter app can come in handy when dealing with PDF files on your Android smartphone. It offers a wide variety of PDF solutions that are otherwise available with a costly price tag. This app not only allows you to convert files from PDF to Word format for modification, but it can also convert PDF files to Excel and PowerPoint formats. Additionally, once you are done making modifications to the PDF files converted from PDF to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint format, you can convert them again to PDF format easily. The app offers an easy-to-understand user interface (UI) to ensure an optimum user experience (UX) for people who use it.

PDF to Word Converter by SmartApps38

Another helpful app to convert files from PDF to Word format is the PDF to Word Converter by SmartApps38. This app comes with an efficient OCR algorithm that allows users to easily convert PDF files that feature scanned data into an editable Word file. Moreover, it can easily convert typed content saved in PDF files to Word format rather easily. However, the only issue with this app is the lack of the Word to PDF conversion feature. You may need to use another app to convert the modified file to PDF format again. You can download this app from Playstore and easily convert your PDF files to Word format on your Android smartphone.

Putting it Together

Converting files from PDF to Word for modification purposes is no longer a big deal. You just need to know the right way to do it. We have discussed some of the best ways above to help you in this regard. We hope you will find this helpful information and use these ways to convert files from PDF to Word format in the future.


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