Things To Consider While Buying a New Construction House

Things To Consider While Buying a New Construction House

Building a home from the ground up is often seen as an extravagance reserved for the wealthy. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why this could be your dream project. Furthermore, you can make it happen by doing your research and following these tips.

So if you’re considering taking on this undertaking yourself, here are some things to know before buying construction land or signing any contracts:

Don’t assume that all builders are created equal:

Just like buying a used car, you should read the fine print before signing anything. You should never overlook the two most important things a well-developed build schedule and budget.

While many builders claim to offer “open” schedules and budgets, this is often not the case for smaller projects. Larger projects are more likely to have those elements in place because they need more supervision from the buyer. Your project manager may show up for only one or two meetings in total if you go with a small builder.

The price of a new construction home is not likely to depreciate:

With an established community or neighbourhood, you will likely see appreciation in your home’s value over time. But remember that growth is always relative: while nearby towns might experience 10% growth, this might be offset within your city if many other areas are experiencing even greater growth.

Don’t use the market as the sole determining factor in whether or not your project is worthwhile. Think long-term and evaluate it is potential both now and in years to come.

Just because you’re building a new home doesn’t mean you’ll have square footage:

For many people, square footage is the most important factor in deciding whether they want to build or buy. But this is seldom the case. Despite what you might have heard from contractors and salespeople, it takes a lot of time and money just to get started on a construction project.

Simply put, if you’re going for less square footage, your margins for error will be much higher, and your chances of getting things wrong are greater.

Easy to get confused about what’s normal:

It seems like every week; there’s another real estate failure or scandal that shocks people into realizing that not all builders are created equally.

Some use misleading terms to describe their projects, like “luxury” homes or “big lots.” When in doubt, dig deeper: check with the local zoning board to learn if you’re getting the lot size you think you’re getting. You may be surprised by the results.

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