The Impact Of The Phone Cover Business On Premium Smartphones

Phone Cover Business On Premium Smartphones

If there is one combination many people cannot live without, it is that of the smartphone and its case. Important for protecting your precious device, a phone cover offers an array of features.

There is also an unparalleled aesthetic value that the back of your smartphone cannot match. You can also add a number of accessories to your handheld device, which would not have been possible otherwise. 

The smartphone cover industry is thriving today and has come up with new trends. In this article, we will be exploring how the businesses catering to phone covers have impacted the business of premium smartphones. We will be analyzing the demand growth, the market as well as the direct impact on smartphone design. 


The Demand Growth

The first factor we will be analyzing is the demand for smartphones and covers in the market. Primarily, if we look at the demand in the last decade, it has increased significantly. Depending on the demand for smartphones in 2012, the current growth has increased four times. This growth in demand is a direct result of the multiple uses of smartphones. 

Apart from basic communication, people use smartphones to build their business while also shopping online. Smartphones are the smallest yet the most accessible medium to get in touch with the world. As more and more people invest in smartphones, they want their devices to keep functioning optimally for as long as possible. 

One way in which many people ensure that their investment is protected against any damage is through phone covers. Nobody wants to keep going for repairs and replacements of the phone screen, which is why choosing an appropriate phone cover is a relatively inexpensive bargain. 

Protective accessories like covers and scratch guards are thus growing in demand. The business of smartphone covers is giving rise to dedicated facilities for their production. From plastic to leather, different materials are being used to manufacture phone cases. A leather mobile cases factory is meant to be dedicated entirely to this industry. 

The Market Sales Volume

The market sales volume decides how often smartphone covers will be needed. Smartphones so far have been marketed in such a way that the customers feel the need to upgrade to a new model every few years. Because technology is changing so rapidly, people will want the latest upgrade in their hands as soon as possible. 

Upgrades are also preferable because of both software and hardware changes in the new model. Many times the new software updates are incompatible with the older hardware, which forces people to buy new models. Whatever the case may be, customers are being driven to buy smartphones more often, which has increased the sales volume. 

But what does this mean for covers? Much like smartphones are marketed so that an upgrade is needed every so often, the covers follow a similar principle. Smartphone covers are as much chosen for their protective value as they are for aesthetics. Cases are marketed in such a way that people are encouraged to buy multiple covers depending on the occasion they are taking their phone to. 

Users usually have at least a couple of phone covers, depending on their appearance and preference. Additionally, since upgrades are required of the phone model every now and then, people would also want to buy phone covers. So, as the sales volume of smartphones goes up, the phone cover business also sees a growth in demand. Premium smartphone covers particularly have better designs and more variety. 

Impact on Smartphone Design


Smartphone design has gone through a significant change ever since smartphones were introduced in the market. Initially, the design was very rudimentary and basic, which more or less promoted the purchase of smartphone covers. As smartphones became popular and premium brands developed, the design changed. 

Today, companies are trying their best to switch up the colors and add patterns to the back of the phone to make it look unique. The aluminum and glass backs of premium smartphones have an allure that the previous designs did not. The backs are also made scratch-free, particularly for offering extra protection to people who choose not to use phone covers. 

This design and development would not have been possible if the phone cover business was not steadily growing. This has also led to the propagation of clear phone cases that show off the colorful back of premium smartphones. 

The Takeaway

The phone cover business is growing as premium smartphones become high in demand. Premium smartphones sell on the basis of their brand value and software upgrades. But the phone cover business has had a significant impact, allowing for better design and development of these devices.

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