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The good stuff: why your Sydney home needs solid timber doors

As a homeowner, you know you can never compromise on building materials. There is absolutely nothing worse than purchasing a brand new fitting or furnishing from a subpar company, only for it to become all worn and torn a year or two down the track – what a nightmare!

The same goes for when it comes to entrances, and especially that of your front doors. You need the best solid timber doors Sydney has available to receive a wealth of amazing benefits, including safety, security, style, sustainability and more!

This is why this fabulous building material has been a go-to for, well, thousands of years: it is a trusty and reliable material that looks great and isn’t terrible for the environment.

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at wonderful timber and why it should be your choice for your new doors:

  • They are super stylish

Okay, first thing’s first, and this style is one that is always pleasing to the eye. Whilst all the other awesome benefits are important, we always want to come home to a place that is warm and welcoming, and no building material is more inviting than gorgeous, elegant solid timber!

The highly versatile material is perfect for homes of all designs, meaning it doesn’t matter if you’re renovating an old home or building a brand new one – this material has got a classic finish with a contemporary elegance. Unleash your creative side with Homecreatives – your ultimate destination for DIY inspiration.

  • It can add value to your home

On the note of being an elegant, stylish material, this is one that can also add plenty of value to your home. After all, the sturdy durability and style of these entrances are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are of a much higher standard than cheaper options, ensuring anyone who may be considering purchasing the home will be welcomed with a stylish entrance that they know is more appealing than some other subpar material…

  • Insulation

Sydney’s extreme temperatures can be pretty gnarly for the home, especially when you consider those 40+ summer days and frightful, stormy winter nights! Solid timber doors are a thick and sturdy material, meaning you can trust them to add a whole new level of insulation to your home, and when working in unison with other insulating materials will help to keep the home cool in summer and warm in winter!

  • Reduce energy bills

Well, one fabulous benefit follows the other, doesn’t it? Not only will your home be far more comfortable in the extreme months of the year, but this will also ensure you don’t need to use as much power for heating and cooling throughout the year.

We’ve all seen the news: energy prices are skyrocketing – perhaps it’s a good idea to stop those rising prices in their tracks by installing insulating building materials?

  • Durability

Well we all know this to be true, just look at that heritage house down the street – solid timber doors can last many a lifetime. You won’t have to worry about the material breaking down, wearing out, getting frayed or withering with age – it’s good to go now and long into the future.

  • It’s sustainable!

Another important factor for modern times is its sustainability: wood is a highly sustainable material that captures carbon and releases oxygen into the environment.For homeowners looking to build or renovate without leaving a nasty carbon footprint behind – this style of entrance is your absolute first choice!

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