The Gamer Lifestyle: Why They Need Proper Grooming

The Gamer Lifestyle: Why They Need Proper Grooming

In this boosting digital world, gamers have become widely exposed to screens. Pleasure during leisure time is the main reason why games were invented. However, gamers have found it addictive and hard to keep themselves away from screen time even just for a day. Different gamers have different lifestyles.

But, most gamers have trouble maintaining proper grooming. If you’re a gamer and you wish to continue such a life, you have to consider taking care of yourself. Despite all the benefits it has, there are also disadvantages that will outweigh your life as a gamer. Below is the list of cons of a gamer lifestyle.

Video Games Addiction

This is the biggest problem for gamers. They easily become addicted to video games. It’s said that video game addiction continues to rise. The rising cases of video addiction increase mental health conditions according to The World Health Organization. It prevails in the world in around 3-4% of gamers. Consider that there are 3 billion gamers globally and about 90-100 million are addicted to games.

Did you know that video games are also designed to be addictive? Gamers go after the gratification they provide. They give out bonuses, discounts, or special rewards to encourage gamers to keep playing every day. Compared to other types of games, video games have complicated programs. They are built to be manipulative to a human’s psychology.

Video games progress an in-game character and replace real-life personal development. It’s addictive that it makes you buy loot boxes and in-app purchases for you to spend more money. It’s good to make you socialize virtually with other gamers from different real-world places. Once a gamer becomes addicted to video games, the benefits will be nothing.

It will impact your personal life and development. It also impacts your work and how you treat the people around you. Addictive gamers longer give attention to taking care of their proper grooming. In fact, you can customize perfume glass bottles with gamer-related designs to get their attention.

Risk Of Aggression

There are studies that show video games to be a risk factor of one’s aggression. But, there are also studies that proved it’s not the only factor. Video games might just add the risk of one’s aggression given that there’s another factor. Video games have a stigma promoting violence. They might not be the sole reason for one’s aggression but they can be a contributing one.

Parents believe that excessive playing of video games is the reason why their children are aggressive. They also meant their kids damaging properties brought by aggression. Therefore, parents should be mindful of their kids’ gaming lifestyle. They should take control and let them play age-appropriate games to avoid this case.

World Problems Replacement

Although it’s music in the ears to forget your problem, it’s not ideal for people to neglect their problems. In reality, we all have many problems both tiny and tremendous ones. May it be personal or professional problems, one must face these. Gamers treat games as a safe place to fail. They treat it as their sweet escape from so much real-world noise. Some gamers want to avoid the stress that surrounds them from the outside world.

They fail to recognize themselves as having a problem with proper grooming. There is a box for perfume that can solve this problem. You can limit your playtime and replace it with activities to deal with your life problems. This way you will balance the fake and real saving you from totally forgetting what you should really be dealing with.

Gambling Promotion

If you haven’t noticed it yet, video games are linked to gambling. They have loot boxes that promote irresistible spending. You’ll never know you already have spent a lot more than your budget for the week just because you want to avail of “one-time” offers. Those who suffer from game addiction can develop another addiction

. They can be addicted to gambling, exacerbating the access to gambling mechanics in their games. Many games which have gambling mechanics are accessible to kids. This means that children can access real-life money through their parents’ credit cards. Parents have reported missing thousands of money without the knowledge about this.

Physical And Mental Health Issues

Many are already aware of this. Video games bring physical and mental health issues. It causes a gamer depression and social anxiety leading them not to handle other people, especially family, with respect. Gamers lack motivation and poor emotional regulation. They also experience exhaustion, muscle loss and fat gain, and poor sleep hygiene. Gamers also experience dehydration that’s why glass drinking bottles wholesale have been a superhero for water retailing businesses. Having the said symptoms, it’s likely for the gamer to get video game addiction therapy.

Lack Of Concentration

Gamers experience a lack of concentration because of spending too much time playing video games. They cannot concentrate on working for a can filling machine manufacturer. Some also can’t concentrate on their studies or sports. Although games truly demand a lot of attention to detail, humans have a limited amount of concentration per day. When gamers already have spent it earlier on their games, they can no longer successfully concentrate on other things.


A gamer’s lifestyle brings several mental and physical problems. Most are serious that parents have to deal with at an earlier stage. Gamers tend to get addicted to video games, increase their risk of aggression, and replace real-world problems with in-game pleasures. They also have gambling access, mental or physical problems, or lack concentration. Because of these negative impacts, gamers lose control of proper grooming. They will need professional advice and attention.

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