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vinyl lettering tools

When vinyl lettering first came out, it was an instant hit. The vinyl decals are self-adhesive, durable and can be removed when necessary. If you have ever used vinyl or sign vinyl before then you already know that vinyl is the biggest trend in signage today. It’s not just popular with vinyl decals in the signage industry; vinyl has been popping up in all kinds of other spots too.

Many car enthusiasts are vinyl wrapping their cars with vinyl patterned vinyl lettering to add a brand new look and style especially when they want to change colors or design without having to go through the trouble of actually repainting their whole vehicle.

If you don’t have any vinyl lettering experience then below we have listed our top 3 best vinyl lettering tools that will help you get started on your vinyl mastery!

1. Cricut Vinyl Letter Kit

What is a Cricut? 

A Cricut is a vinyl cutting machine used for making precise cuts and shapes out of materials such as vinyl, paper, cardstock, vinyl, and other materials. The vinyl lettering machine is the newest invention for vinyl signage and vinyl decoration. With a Cricut vinyl cutting machine, you can make your own vinyl decals like bumper decals, window vinyl lettering, car decals, and more! 

If you want to learn how to use a Cricut vinyl cutter then we have listed below our top 3 beginner tips and tricks on how to use vinyl lettering tool:

Increase feed speed: 

Set your cut speed as high as it will go without losing registration. Remember that the faster you move, the more likely it is that the vinyl will stretch or shift under the blade. This is especially true when using blade 4 or 5 because those blades cut very close to the surface, which means more heat is generated.

Apply vinyl to a hard, flat surface:

Surfaces that are textured or uneven will cause the vinyl to stretch and not give you an accurate cut. If your vinyl stretches during cutting then it will mess up the registration of your vinyl decal design. Make sure your surface is clean, smooth, and level before applying vinyl lettering.

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Avoid unnecessary blade changes: 

If you are getting odd edges around the vinyl decal after cutting, increase pressure on the vinyl as it is being fed through the machine. Use blade 4 for detailed cuts with fine blades, blade 2 for medium detail work, and blade 5 for thick materials. Don’t use more than one blade at a time unless absolutely necessary! Change blades before moving onto another vinyl lettering project.

Running vinyl through the machine backwards: 

If you notice that vinyl is being fed into the machine but it’s coming out as white vinyl outline, then your vinyl is fed into the machine back to front. Reverse your vinyl and try again with a fresh blade. This will ensure a clean cut of your vinyl material!

2. X-Actor Knife with #11 Blades

This vinyl lettering tool is what we refer to as a “desktop cutter” which allows you to cut designs out very precisely using a ruler and xacto knife. If you have used an exacto knife before then you already know how easy this vinyl design tool can be used for intricate or small designs, especially those that are stenciled vinyl lettering. The vinyl lettering knife is a must-have vinyl lettering tool for any craft project.

3. As Seen on TV iMakeStickers Vinyl Cutting Plotter

This vinyl cutting plotter is a great vinyl decal maker that allows you to make your own vinyl letters and decals with ease! This vinyl signmaking machine can be run using an outlet power cord, USB drive, or by batteries making it easy to take your vinyl stencils on the go!

The best part of the iMakeSticker vinyl cutter/plotter is that is can cut out designs in ANY size making it extremely versatile when creating larger signs or smaller vinyl crafts! We hope that this will help you start incorporating vinyl lettering tools into your vinyl signmaking craft projects!


We hope that our vinyl lettering tools list has helped you get started with vinyl lettering. Remember to check out our vinyl cutting plotter for designing your vinyl decals and Cricut vinyl cutter if you’re looking for professional vinyl stencils! If you need help with vinyl letter building then please let us know in the comments below, we would be happy to help.

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