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Top Mistakes That Can Prevent Your Hiring Signs Working to Their Full Potential

With mass media advertising being unaffordable, one of the best ways for a small business to recruit people is by putting up hiring signs in the vicinity of your business.

These signs draw the attention of the people in the community who are by far the best people to hire for many reasons. However, you need to exercise care and not make common mistakes while designing and displaying your hiring signs to get the maximum response.

Top Reasons to Hire Locally 

Hires from faraway places are invariably more expensive, as they need more compensation for relocating themselves and their families to an unfamiliar place.

A local person is already familiar with the environment and since there is no disruption in his family life, he can dive into his work from Day One. Most importantly, local persons do not need to overcome language or cultural barriers.

Since they are also familiar with the people in the community, they can leverage their contacts and goodwill to bring in more business.

Common Hiring Sign Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Poor color choice:

Even if it is small, a hiring sign represents your business, so you need to pay attention to the design and colors. You should attempt to build on the colors used in your business logo.

However, you may have to improvise because the colors may not be suitable to ensure the high visibility you will want in an outdoor now hiring sign. While many light colors do not provide the desired contrast for easy reading, going overboard with bright colors may also look tacky and too gaudy for a business of repute.

Poor readability:

For hiring signs to be effective, people should be able to read and understand them at a glance while passing them by. A mass of text in small and complicated typefaces can deter most people from reading it. It is also important to use negative space.

According to BBN Times, negative or white space helps to increase comprehension by reducing distractions. You should choose a typeface that is reader-friendly and large enough to permit reading from a distance. Typefaces that are too bold, too thin, or in capital letters can be difficult to read.

You must also ensure that the spacing between the letters and words is adequate; else the sign will look messy. Don’t try to cram in too much information but rely on website addresses and QR codes to convey details.

Improper installation:

For your hiring signs to be effective, you need to install them in places with high pedestrian traffic, preferably in the vicinity of your business. If you need temporary hands for the busy season, you can put up signs where young people gather together.

You should also install the signs where they are easily visible. Rotating the hiring signs from one place to another also beats audience boredom and gives you more exposure.


A hiring sign is a simple yet highly-effective tool that small businesses can use. It is highly affordable, and its high visibility also allows you to integrate better with the community. When not in use, you can use the signs to support community events and causes.

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