John Mower Store Reviews: Is It Legit or Scam?

John Mower Store Reviews:

Are you one of those who’re looking for the perfect lawn mower to keep their garden up-to-date? Have you been peeking for a legit online store for purchasing top-quality gardening tools recently?

Are you still trying to determine whether or not to opt for online stores? Well, if that’s the case, then this article may prove to be of great benefit to you. We’ll review a popular online store, known by the name of ‘John Mower’ for you here.

The John Mower Store, currently operating in the United States, claims to provide an extensive range of gardening tools and other related accessories with quick delivery services.

So, without further delay, let’s enlighten you with the John Mower Store reviews so that you can evaluate whether or not to purchase using this platform.

Detailed Introduction to John Mower Store 

If you’re new to online shopping, you may have some crucial questions like, what does this store do? What is its credibility? Is it safe to purchase from this platform in the current times? Let us answer these questions for you below.

The John Mower Online Store is an e-commerce platform that offers garden compressors and other related tools for purchase. The website offers a great variety of lawn mowers in several exciting colors.

It is the center of attraction for those looking to buy all their garden maintenance and safety tools from one place. However, the genuineness of this online store hasn’t been verified yet.

So, if you’re an admirer of household accessories and want to know more about this website’s authenticity, you can learn about John Mower Store reviews below. This way, you can decide whether or not to purchase essential tools for your garden’s maintenance from this platform.

Must-Know Specifications of John Mower Online Store 

No doubt, there’s a high demand for generators and garden-related tools in the United States, where this store is presently operating.

The John Mower Store reviews suggest that it is a well-known e-commerce platform that offers all types of machines and generators used for gardens and lawns.

You get the privilege to enjoy free delivery on any order of more than $3000 value. As far as the payment methods are involved, they seem secure.

You can pay through several online payment platforms, including VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, American Express, eBay, and DISCOVER. Moreover, the website claims to offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all of its products through the original payment mode that you select.

For any extra queries, you can contact the website owners through the provided email address, which is The store is physically located at the subsequent address: JL. Raya Pajajaran Number- 19, R.T. 03/ RW.06, Sukasari, Indonesia.

John Mower Store Online Reviews 

As the website is still at a beginner level and has recently been launched on 21st August 2020, residents of the United States haven’t exactly contributed to providing honest reviews. So, any authentic John Mower Store online reviews aren’t currently available.

Moreover, it has been reported that the website tried to mislead its users by displaying fake social media icons. So, these negative signs exhibited by the website’s portal no longer encourage new users to review or purchase from its platform. Anyhow, the website is expected to expire in a few months.

Is this Website Legit? 

Since this website was registered not much long ago, it cannot be depicted as 100% safe. Their social media handle and customer support system have also been reported inactive for quite a while now.

In addition, the site’s trust rating on Fraud Advisor is around 60%. Although it offers a 30 days money-back guarantee, still the website owners haven’t yet provided any additional details regarding their organization’s establishment. So, it isn’t exactly safe to use this platform for purchasing your gardening tools, at least for now.

Pros of this Webstore 

  • The site claims to provide a 30-day money-back policy.
  • The payment acceptance methods utilized by this website are somehow authentic.

Cons of this Webstore 

  • Any John Mower Store reviews aren’t currently available on the internet.
  • The domain registered with this website is expected to expire soon. So, it is advisable not to consider this website as an authentic supplier of garden accessories.
  • The website is inactive on social media platforms and has used fake icons to gain popularity.
  • The ‘About Us’ page on this website doesn’t provide any details regarding the website’s foundation, vision, and source.
  • This website’s server is associated with an increased risk of suspicious activities.


Although the website offers reliable payment methods, it has still been registered for a shorter period, as mentioned above. Moreover, there aren’t any reliable John Mower Store reviews available on the internet to support its validity. So, it would be best not to fall for such unverified websites.

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