How To Solve Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle?

How To Solve Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle?

Nowadays, who doesn’t like playing exciting games on the internet? Undoubtedly, gamers love to play different role-playing games, which is why the gaming community is gradually evolving in the global market. However, If you’re a frequent gamer, you might as well have heard about the Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle, no? 

Even if you haven’t, we’re here to tell you everything about this puzzle. In this article, we’ll provide you with a brief introduction to the dramatically popular game “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.”

The game has surely caught the general public’s attention and is compatible with Xbox, PC, PlayStation, Nintendo, Switch, etc. So, without additional ado, let us enlighten you with the basics of this game.  

What is the Skyrim Ansilvund  Puzzle? 

What is the Skyrim Ansilvund  Puzzle? 


Ansilvund is an ancient Nordic tomb and is an essential part of the well-liked online game, “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.” It is basically an excavation site into the tomb of Holgeir and Fjori. The tomb lies northeast to Shor’s Stone and east of Cragslane Cavern in the Rift.

The entrance comprises a cave in the mountainside; Ansilvund is a huge tomb filled with several traps. Furthermore, there’s a ruined stone tower outside the entrance.  

Commonly Faced Difficulties While Solving the Puzzle 

Most players find it challenging to cross the tomb as it compromises traps that seem to be confusing, thus making it even harder to survive in the game.

Ansilvund consists of two sub-locations, and players must pass through each of them. The first location is Ansilvund Burial Chambers, while the other is Ansilvund Excavation.  

Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle: The Real Challenge 

The Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle isn’t just difficult to solve but can also be pretty confusing at times. It is to be noted that even the slightest mistake can put the players in danger. The first level of the Ansilvund Puzzle offers many noteworthy things that must be kept in mind while solving the puzzle.  

While playing the game, the walkthrough of Ansilvund will require you to pass through a number of things. However, staying attentive is the key as you might have to witness several Dragonborns, Mages, and various other obstacles that’ll try to restrict your entrance through the walkthrough.  

Description of The Puzzle Room 

As far as the puzzle room is concerned, it consists of several pillars, books, a lever, and an iron portcullis to assist players in solving the game. It would be best if you matched the key below the pillars correctly.

The ground level of pillars is mainly covered with weeds and several other obstacles. So, to pass on to the next level, one needs to eliminate all such obstacles and then match the key most suitably.  

Guide to Solve the Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle? 

There is a table below the puzzle that displays three random books. These books involve Lu Ah’s journal and a copy of Fjori and Holgeir. The players can solve the puzzle simply by paying attention to these books.

However, the key symbols are carved on the walls below the pillars and can be made visible easily by clearing the obstructions.  

The key to solving the Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle is the “Eagle-Snake-Whale-Snake Strategy.” Players are advised to activate the pillars to rearrange the keys in the correct sequence, and lastly, pull the lever to open the door of the bridge.

In contrast, if the order of keys gets wrong, a hail of arrows will be fired instantly on the players. So, make sure to keep the key sequence intact!  

What Do the Three Symbols Below the Pillars Represent? 

The three symbols below the pillars represent the Eagle, Whale, and Snake. In order to succeed, the players are required to place these symbols in the advised order of Eagle-Snake-Whale-Snake. One who manages to arrange them correctly will solve the puzzle and immediately pass it on to the next level.  

What Will Come Next After Solving the Ansilvund Puzzle? 

Those players who successfully solve this puzzle will then be allowed to pass through the bridge and go to the Ansilvund Burial Chambers. Nevertheless, this bridge also contains many obstacles like flame spurts, so you should play cautiously.  

Final Words 

We expect this guide to help you solve the Ansilvund Excavation Puzzle within no time. The puzzle sequences are easy to crack, provided that the intake is correct.

Otherwise, one might have to lose a life. All you need is a mindful approach and attentiveness to get through this excavation level!  

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