How to Know When Your Dog Needs Flea and Tick Medicine?

Spectra for dogs

Moreover, 5.1 million dogs are owned as pets in Australia, around 35.7% of the country’s households. Fleas and ticks are drawn to dogs and cats because of their soft and warm coats. Pets and their owners are both at risk from these obnoxious and tiny insects, which feed on the blood of the animals.

Simple allergies to tick-borne disease may vary in intensity from mild to severe. Ticks and fleas are both parasites, but several critical distinctions exist between the two. Nexgard Spectra for dogs is the most acceptable way to get rid of these parasites and keep your dog healthy. However, where do these insects come from?


Fleas are tiny, venomous insects with six legs. Although they can’t fly, fleas may move from one mammal to another with lightning speed. A flea likes to remain on a dog for the duration of its life, which is around three months.

Under ideal circumstances, a female flea may produce up to 30 eggs a day and rapidly grow. It is possible to capture them in parks, pet groomers, or even people. Nexgard for dogs makes it simpler to identify fleas, making the treatment more efficient.


When it comes to ticks, the human eye can identify them quickly. Their eight legs allow them to slither through the skin and feast on their prey. In contrast to fleas, Ticks may survive up to three years on a single host.

These insects cannot leap, so they wait for another host to approach before crawling onto it. High grass or bushes are the principal sources of food. They don’t care about the weather, unlike fleas.

Dogs with Parasites Often Show These Symptoms.

Biting, Scratching, and Chewing on the Skin

Fleas are known to sting. When a tiny amount of their saliva comes into touch with the dog’s skin, it causes an allergic response. Consequently, dogs begin to scratch.

Hair Thinner! Primarily on the Nape and Tail

Insects like to hide in the dog’s tail and neck since they are well-known. Whenever a dog becomes itchy, a tiny amount of its hair sheds.

The Dog Has Red Bumps on His Skin.

The dog’s skin is irritated when fleas bite. It is irritating to the skin and results in dermatitis.

Skin or Bedding of a Dog with Black Specks

Fleas eating on the dog’s blood and flea faeces are to blame.

Feeling Sluggish Or Lethargic, Or Experiencing Appetite Loss

This is a warning indication that the dog may be ill. Anaemia, Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever are diseases spread by fleas.

Veterinarian-Approved Pet Parasite Medicine

A Nexgard Spectra for dogs may alleviate owners’ concerns when they see these symptoms. Veterinary medicine Nexgard Spectra is used to treat flea and tick infestations. Heartworm illness, lungworm disease, and the therapy of gastrointestinal worm disease are all prevented by parasite medication.

What’s the point?

Nexgard Spectra is available in five weight categories, ranging from extra-small dogs to extra-large dogs, with five different dosages. The chewable pills are offered orally to the dog.

Is It Safe for a Dog to Eat Them Every Day?

Nexgard Spectra for dogs must be administered by owners every 30 days. They don’t have to worry about the size or weight of the dog when determining the dose of the drug.

How long does it take to act?

For the first 8 hours following treatment, the dog will be free of ticks and fleas. The dog’s skin and hair will also be smoother after taking the medication.


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