How Do You Choose the Best Steel Frames and Trusses?

How Do You Choose the Best Steel Frames and Trusses?

Australia’s construction industry is booming. The continent’s construction industry produces approximately 9% of Australia’s Gross Domestic Product. Therefore, setting up a company and thriving in the cut-throat building and construction market requires you to have the edge over your competitors. And in New South Wales itself, there is a rapid rise in construction companies. Meanwhile, with Sydney, as its capital and a population of 8.1 million, New South Wales is the most populous state in Australia.

Steel is one of the most sought-out products used for construction since it provides multiple advantages over other construction materials. However, since various types of steel are used in construction businesses, you need to pick the best steel. But if you do not know how to search for the best steel frames and trusses in NSW, hopefully, this guide will help you.

What Are the Different Types of Steel Frames?

Primarily, there are three most common types of steel frames:

  • Skeleton Steel Frames: Skeleton steel frames comprise a network of columns and bars that support the whole foundation of the construction structure.
  • Wall-Bearing Steel Frames: Wall-bearing steel frames support a structure horizontally and vertically by increasing the headroom height and space between the columns.  
  • Long-Span Steel Frames: Long-span steel frames provide flexibility in floor area, reduce the on-site work duration, free internal area, and allow the space to install various services. Besides, there are four long-span steel frames: trusses, arches, rigid frames, and girders.

Factors to Consider When Picking Steel Frames and Trusses

There are various things to consider when looking for steel frames and trusses for your structure, such as:

Consistency and Uniformity

Steel frames and trusses have a particular form. So ensure the steel frames you pick are high-quality, as they provide consistency and sturdiness to your structure, which is crucial in construction projects. Unlike other materials, such as wood or timber, which lack uniformity, steel frames undergo little to no changes during their production process.


New South Wales experiences a sub-tropical climate all throughout the year due to its proximity to the coastal area. So, if you set up a construction business there, it is essential to pick durable steel frames that last all year long. Besides, the steel frame you choose should withstand time and harsh climates, such as strong winds and rainfall. Durable steel also requires low maintenance, and the proper steel frames will resist solid storms and heavy winds, keeping your structure intact.

Strength and Weight

When picking steel frames, ensure their height-to-strength ratio is strong. Besides, the higher the ratio, the more durable the material is. As such, steel frames with a noticeably high percentage are used to build structures like warehouses, large buildings, arenas, sports centres, etc.

Environmentally Conscious

Since construction requires materials that use high amounts of energy, you must pick eco-friendly materials. Also, ensure your steel frame supplier gives you steel that can be recycled in the future to avoid wasting materials. Additionally, using recyclable material is also cost-efficient, as you would not have to repeatedly spend money and resources to buy new materials.


Ensure the steel frames you pick are resistant to water, fire, and pests. Construction work involves heat, and since your business is in NSW, a coastal area, the chances of your structure coming in contact with bugs and water are high. Thus, buy steel frames that would not succumb to fire, moisture, and pests.

There are various things to remember while buying steel frames and trusses in NSW. For instance, ensure the material is durable, environmental-friendly, and resistant to fire and water. Additionally, a stable and eco-friendly steel frame will also be cost-efficient.

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