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Dealing With Common iPhone Repairs With Apple Phone Repair Store

If you have been an iPhone user for a while, you might require an iPhone repair service. If you are reading this article, maybe you require it now. iPhones are the most popular smartphones in the cell phone industry. Technology has evolved with time, and so do smartphones. Every new iPhone comes with uniqueness, new features, design, and improvement in longevity. However, they have also become delicate and fragile. The use of mobile phones has increased in the past few years, and so is the possibility of damaging and dropping. No matter how much you keep protecting your iPhone, the damage occurs one way or the other. People panic and purchase a brand-new iPhone if any malfunction or harm happens to their iPhone. Getting your phone repaired from an apple phone repair store in Hialeah is better than replacing your iPhone with an expensive one. Below are some of the most usual repair problems that the professionals in Steady Fix resolve and rectify. Let’s dive in!

Damaged Display

You must have a friend or a family relative with a broken iPhone display. iPhones are delicate, so this is the most usual problem they face. Even a drop from minimal height can crack the screen. You can relax after knowing that a phone repair store can repair them. Either you send your phone for repair by the manufacturer or a from a third-party repair store. Sending a phone to the manufacturing company may take days, but getting it fixed from an apple phone repair store in Hialeah can take not more than an hour. The question that bothers people the most is how much it costs to repair an iPhone’s broken display. If you get it repaired from the manufacturer, it will be very expensive compared to a professional repair shop. 

Broken Buttons

Things wear out over time. Another common issue that people face is the broken buttons of an iPhone. The more time we spend on iPhones, the more chances increase of their breaking. If your home button or volume buttons become unresponsive, it’s time to see the repair specialist. 

Battery Issue

The battery issue is the most common problem for iPhone users. If your battery is draining out fast, the cell phone repair store in Hialeah suggests some options, like using low power mode, reducing brightness, and turning off location. Some people face battery issues three to four years after buying. If your battery is not charging or your iPhone is consuming faster than usual, the fault lies in your battery. Take it to a phone repair store immediately before it damages other components. If your iPhone is under warranty, you should get it repaired by Apple. But if the warranty is finished, and you get it repaired from apple, they will cost you. So it’s better to take it to the repair store.

Faulty camera

A person’s most frustrating problem is the broken and hazy camera lens. Many people love iPhones because of their extraordinary camera features and high-resolution pictures and videos. You should regularly clean your phone and camera with a soft, lint-free cloth. If the fuzziness, distortion, and lines occur in your camera and photos even after cleaning, get the lens replaced immediately by taking it to an electronic repair center in Hialeah. When we talk about camera lenses, we cannot compromise the quality, so one must get it repaired from an authentic repair shop that does not compromise the quality.  

Charging port Issue

Another issue iPhone and other smartphone users face is the problem with charging ports. If you charge your phone, and it is not charging, phone repair stores suggest checking if the power sockets are fine. If not, try another socket, but if yes, there might be a problem with your charging cable, charger, or charging port. It is probably the cause of careless use of charging ports. The repair of charging ports is not costly, so one should consider that instead of trying to repair it himself. 

Microphones and Speakers

We have heard issues about speakers. People using older models of iPhones also face problems with microphones. You cannot make calls or record audio. After years of usage, the speakers and microphones can act up, and you can’t hear everything even when your phone is not in silent mode. Try cleaning them with the soft bristles of your toothbrush and take the dirt out with the help of tape. If the problem still persists, take your iPhone to a repair store. 

Water Damage

We have heard many instances where people spill water on their iPhones while drinking something or unintentionally drop their mobile phones in pools or water tubs. Water damage is serious as it can cause short circuits in the phone, leading to further damage. The best thing to do is to turn off your phone instantly and let it dry and take it to a repair store. 


We get it that no iPhone is invincible. If you think your iPhone needs a repair, get it repaired immediately. Go to the apple phone repair store if you live in Hialeah. Their expert technicians fix every common problem and get your iPhone running like a brand-new one. 

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