Cnn70 Com Free Fire Diamonds: Is it Legit?

Cnn70 Com Free Fire Diamonds: Is it Legit?

Everyone in their lives has once played a game that they were extremely addicted to. Apart from the gameplay, the in-game money & perks seem to excite us beyond par.

Mostly it feels that in-game money is more valuable than real money because of the hype it has. One such similar scenario lies within Free Fire players who are addicted to the in-game diamonds which the game has.

Diamonds are scarce & difficult to get in the anime game, provided that there are wonderful things that you can do through diamonds. Hence, a random website called cnn70 claims to give the users free diamonds through their website.

 Let’s peek through to find if cnn70 com free fire is legit or just another scam.

What is cnn70 com free fire?

Cnn70 is a website that strongly claims to offer Free Fire players with diamonds free of cost. It is basically an in-game resource generator that demands a few steps before giving you the resource for free.

There has been a crazy level of hype lately regarding cnn70 amongst Free Fire players who are trying their level best to get these free diamonds. This hype has increased the traffic on the cnn70 website by a great number. But is it legit? Let us find out later in this article.

Process of Getting Free Diamonds in Cnn70

To give our users a detailed article regarding how this website works, we ourselves logged on to it & went through the actual process. Below is the step-by-step process on how to get free diamonds using cnn70.

  • First, make sure you have an internet connection to browse through the internet.
  • Type in cnn70 .com in the URL field on any browser or in the search bar of any search engine.
  • After successfully entering the URL you will be redirected to cnn70 & an interface will show up almost instantly.
  • A simple blue background interface will be displayed with a dialog box saying that you can get 1600 diamonds for free. However, this page is in Spanish so you will need to convert it to English.
  • To convert the page in English, just right click randomly anywhere on the page & choose the option to “Translate To English”
  • Now it will show you a question which asks “Are you playing Free fire?” There are 2 options with it which say “AND” & “NO”.
  • Doesn’t matter what option you choose as it will give you the same answer. Now you will have the option to choose diamonds in sets of either 1600, 1200, or 1000.
  • On clicking next after choosing the desired diamonds it will ask you to write your Free Fire name or ID.
  • Upon clicking the next step it will show a brief loading screen imitating the generation of your diamonds until the last step appears.
  • The last step is to copy a given message & post it to 15 comments on Facebook posts to be eligible for the diamonds.
  • Below a blue-colored option says “Click here to activate diamonds now”. They demand posting the message first before you click on this option.

Is Cnn70 Legit Or A Scam?

The steps displayed on cnn70 don’t make much sense. Firstly they give you 2 options of AND & NO. It should have been YES & NO. Secondly, the last step is pretty baseless which requires you to post a random message 15 times through Facebook comments.

Apart from these reasons, let us look into some facts which will give us a better evaluation of the legitimacy of this website.

Domain Age – The website domain is just recently created dated April 18, 2021.

Trust Score – the website has a trust score of a minimum of 1% which is not a good sign.

Trust Rank – it is only 0.5 out of 100 which is another sign of concern.

Customer Review – There are no customer reviews available regarding the authenticity of the site.

These vague numbers don’t impress & tell if this website is legit & trustworthy.

Final Verdict

There are numerous of websites that claim to give users free items by answering a question. However, they are fake & might steal your data through illegal means once you log in to their website.

Additionally, entering your game details in cnn70 might also get you permanently banned from Free Fire in account of third-party practices. Hence, we advise our esteemed users to stay away from such scams & play the game fairly.

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