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Buying and Installing a Custom Sun Shade – Key Factors to Consider

As the summer months approach, many homeowners are preparing to spend time outdoors. Spending time outdoors with family members in the sun is a great way to relax. The mind benefits from spending time outdoors amidst nature. The body benefits from all the Vitamin D it receives from the sun.

However, according to scientists, overexposure to sunlight can be extremely harmful to your health. They advise people of all skin tones and ages to limit the amount of time they spend under direct sunlight. Between 10 AM and 4 PM, the sun’s rays are the strongest. These rays contain UV radiation that can kill skin cells and even cause skin cancer.

What can homeowners who want to spend time in their outdoor spaces do to protect their skin from sunlight? They can wear hats, wear sunglasses that block UV radiation, wear long sleeves/pants, and use sunscreen products. However, taking all these steps can ruin your outdoor relaxation time.

A simpler way of enjoying your backyard without overexposing yourself to harmful UV rays is by installing sun shade sails. These shading structures are made of UV-resistant materials. They don’t allow harmful UV rays to enter your backyard and damage your skin or your outdoor furniture items.

You can buy a custom sun shade that perfectly covers your backyard space. You can choose sun shade sails of different colors, designs, shapes, and styles. You can even custom-print logos, artwork, etc., on these protective covers. Here’s the full guide on buying, installing, and using sun shade sails.

Assess Where You Want to Install the Shade Sail

Typically, homeowners install shade sails over the regions of the property that receive the most sunlight. Shade those areas, and you can enjoy those spaces every day of the summer. Restaurant owners also use these shading structures to create outdoor dining areas. Some homeowners also cover their driveways or carport areas with these covers.

Determine the place where you’ll install the shade sail. If you’re covering a small patio space, using small, triangle-shaped shade sails makes more sense. Large, square, or rectangle-shaped shade sails are more suited for large backyards or driveways. Discuss your specific requirements with the seller.

Once you’ve decided what size shade sail you need, it’s time to sort out some other functional details.

Functional Features of the Shade Sails

Make sure your shade sails are made of UV- resistant fabrics. Or else, installing these shading structures makes no sense. Shade sails are better than other shading structures because they offer both UV protection and ventilation. Cold wind can blow through these shading structures. But, UV rays can’t enter the shaded spaces.

Hence, the shaded space underneath these sails is always cool. Also, make sure that the seller offers the accessories needed to install these structures. You’ll need turnbuckles, snap hooks, roll plugs, and screws to install sun shade sails. Make sure these accessories come with the main product.

Install the sun shade sail tightly to make sure it doesn’t blow away with heavy winds. Enjoy the outdoors in the “coolest” and healthiest way possible this summer!

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