Blue Whale Bitten In Half: Here’s Your Answer!

Blue Whale Bitten In Half

Marine life is very vast. There are millions of species that live under water. Many of which are microscopic and many of them huge. Talking about huge marine animals, do you know which marine animal is the largest? The answer is the Blue Whale. 

The Blue Whale is the largest mammal as well as the largest marine species. Recently a case got reported involving this gigantic creature. The carcass of a Blue Whale bitten in half was found at the shore. 

The news of this unique incident spread like wildfire and even the reports got viral on various social media platforms. The carcass was found on the shore of South Africa and the whale was bitten in half.  

But the most intriguing and shocking thing for the people was to think about how the blue whale ended in this position. As the blue whale is the largest animal, it was very scary to think about which creature could do something like this to the largest marine animal. 

If you also want to know the answer to how the Blue Whale got bitten in half, read the whole article to know the true story behind the incident. 

What is a Blue Whale? 

What is a Blue Whale? 

Blue Whales are the largest creature that ever lived on our planet. With the recorded length of a whale’s body at over 29.9 meters, it is the largest and longest marine animal. The whales can weigh up to 199 Tonnes, which is almost equal to the weight of 30 elephants. 

The body of a blue whale is slender and longer with a grayish-blue colour to the skin. Unfortunately, this magnificent marine creature was marked as endangered in 2018, which means their species is heading towards extinction. 

The endangerment and near extinction of blue whales are because of the hunter that hunted these magnificent creatures and drove them to near extinction. A ban was implemented by the International Whaling Commission in 1966, which put a curb to whale hunting. 

The endangerment that the species of blue whale face today is not only because of whale hunting but also because of many other reasons like ship strikes, pollution in the ocean, climate changes and hunting by other killer whales. 

Interesting Facts About Blue Whales 

  • Blue Whales can grow up to 100 feet 
  • They can weigh as much as 30 fully grown elephants 
  • They do not hunt 
  • They have a very huge heart about the size of a car 
  • They are unusually loud and their cry can be heard from hundreds of miles away under water 

Blue Whale Bitten in Half Incident 

Blue Whale bitten in half was found in South Africa recently. This news created an uproar and attracted many story creators to make fake stories about the carcass found on the shore of South Africa. 

The real story behind this incident was that the South Africa whale bitten in half was found in a very bad state and after many speculations of marks on the carcass it was reported that the blue whale was bitten in half by the attack of White Sharks. 

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Incidents of Spotting White Sharks 

Aside from the incident with the blue whale bitten in half by the white sharks, many other incidents were also reported of white sharks’ sightings. One particular incident that was reported, involved a father and son duo, vacationing on a kayak. 

They were deliberately attacked by the white shark and their kayak also got damaged. But luckily, they somehow managed to escape the jaws of this deadly marine creature. After speculation, scientists said that the marks on their kayak was indeed from a white shark. 

The presence of the white shark in this particular area of the sea strongly indicates that the blue whale bitten in half in South Africa was also a victim of the deadly white shark. 

Blue Whale Bitten in Half In South Africa 

The incident of the blue whale bitten in half circulated the news and social media as well for many days. When the carcass of the blue whale was found, nearby residents and visitors were advised to stay away from the beach and water, because the huge carcass of the whale was attracting more sharks to the beach. 

It was better for everyone to stay clear of the water and avoid going near the carcass, as the stench coming from it was also unbearable and sometimes it is noted that the dead body of whales that wash up to the shore may explode due to the decomposition inside the body. 


A Blue Whale bitten in half was found on the shore in South Africa. The carcass was reportedly bitten and attacked by great white sharks. This news circulated the news and social media for a long time.

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