9xmovies pw Reviews: Is it Legit or Scam?

9xmovies pw

Everyone likes to save money in any way they can. And for movie lovers, the best way to save money is to download movies for free from websites that offer free downloadable content like 9xmovies pw. In this article, we will discuss some details about this website and see whether this website s legit or not. 

What is 9xmovies pw? 

What is 9xmovies pw? 

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9xmovies pw is a website that is famous for letting users download movies for free. Users can download movies from this website for free without having to pay for anything. Any content can be downloaded from 9xmovies with no charges at all. 

Besides downloading free content from 9xmovies pw, users can also online stream movies from this website. They have a huge range of movies, Tv shows and web series.

People prefer using this website because 9xmovies is regularly updated and new content is added to the archive on a daily basis. 

9xmovies is a torrent website and is operated from different places and multiple domains are used to confuse the trackers and to withstand the restriction and banning of the website for as long as possible. 9xmovies is an Indian website is mostly face traffic from India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.  

To facilitate their regular audience, the natives from this region, 9xmovies also offers dubbed versions of movies and Tv shows.

This feature of 9xmovies pw is widely appreciated as the dubbed version in various languages are easier to comprehend by a larger number of audience. Dubbed languages include English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi, Tamil, Malayalam and Telugu.  

Is 9xmovies pw a Legit Website? 

9xovies is a torrent website and mostly deals with copyrighted content that is illegally obtained and pirated. This fact makes this website and an illegal website.

This website is actively participating in content piracy of all sorts and even allows downloading increasing the saturation of pirated content on the internet. 

Although 9xmovies deals with pirated and illegal content, this website is legit and is trusted by a huge number of users to download and stream great content. This website has a trust score of 90 out of 100 as rated by Scam Adviser.  

9xmovies has been around for quite some time now and host a steady number of traffic every day. This website is widely used to download and stream movies, TV shows, web series, cartoons and other visual content. 

Even if the website is very popular and entertaining huge traffic daily, does not change the fact that the website is dealing with illegal content. It is always suggested to stay away from these types of website that deals with pirated content as getting involved with such content is against the law. 

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Features of 9xmovies 

  • The website offers its services for free 
  • Users can download as well as online stream any content from the website 
  • A vast range of content is available on this website like Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu and many others 
  • HD quality videos are available to download and stream 
  • A huge range of content in every genre is also included in the archives 
  • The website is updated regularly 
  • Users can find the latest new content as well as old content they want to re-watch 
  • Movies and Tv shows are available in multiple languages as dubbed versions 
  • Languages in dubbed versions include English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and many other languages 
  • The website has a lot of different domains on which it is spread 
  • The website is supported on multiple devices like smartphones, tablets, computers and smart TV 

How to Download Movies from 9xmovies? 

The interface of the website is fairly simple and easy to understand. It is designed to facilitate a large number of diverse audiences.

It is very easy to stream movies and download movies from this website. Anyone can easily download content from 9xmovies as it does not require any special skill to download movies from this website. Simply follow the steps stated below to download content: 

  • Open your browser on a computer, smartphone or any other device you prefer using 
  • Search for the domain name 9xmovies in the Google search bar 
  • After searching you will be hit by multiple options 
  • Open the link to the website 
  • Write the name of the movie you want to watch in the search bar 
  • After getting the result, click on your desired content 
  • Click on play or download to stream online or download the file respectively 
  • Enjoy watching your movie! 


9xmovies is an Indian torrent website. This website is very popular and hosts a large number of audience from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. This website is widely used to download pirated movies, Tv shows and web series.  

This website solely deals in pirated and illegally obtained content which is against the law. It is always advised to refrain from using such websites as 9xmovies pw

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