Save Your Water-Drenched Phone With Mobile Phone Repair Kettering

Save Your Water-Drenched Phone With Mobile Phone Repair Kettering

Have your gadget got dunked in a swimming pool or a drink, a lake, a pond, a bathtub, or a toilet (hopefully not)? There are many situations where one can face such issues with the phone. However you may know that modern phones are dust and water-resistant, but it doesn’t mean you throw your phone in the water and forget about it because no gadget is 100% water-proof. Every phone has IP ratings that tell you how much a phone can take if it drenches in water. If you have an older phone and it’s not water resistant, it will be damaged. Even if you use the new flagship phone, its ratings will tell you how long a phone can resist water. If you accidentally throw a smartphone in water for up to 30 minutes, be prepared for what you’re about to see because a phone cannot survive more than that if it’s underwater, even if it is water-resistant. Spark Angels is a mobile phone repair Kettering which provides a few ways to fix a phone that is water damaged. You must attempt a few tips to save your phone. Just breathe, relax, and find a way out.

Save Your Water-Drenched Phone With a Few Tips

Remember that not every fix can solve the issue of your phone. Different repair tricks are for different issues. If your phone is water damaged, you must know how to prevent your phone from worsening and from spreading moisture to other components. 

Retrieve the Phone from the Water and Remove the Case. Shut it Off!

If your phone has dropped in water, the first thing to do is to get it out and retrieve it. It goes without saying. Don’t panic because otherwise, you won’t understand what to do. When you take your phone out, shut it down instantly if it’s on. Ensuring the device is powered off is essential to avoid short circuits. It will damage your phone even more. Don’t put your phone to sleep. If your phone was in a protective casing, it’s best to remove it because it also has nooks, grooves, and crannies in which water can accumulate, so it’s best to take them off along with other accessories. No, take a soft and dry cloth and clean the phone. Ensure that the cloth you are using absorbs all the water and moisture. Do not move or rotate your phone too much; the water can go into any other component. 

Remove The SIM Tray

The second thing you must do, as advised by phone repair experts, is remove the SIM tray from your phone if it doesn’t use an e-SIM. When a phone takes a trip to the water, you must first see the openings of your phone, including headphone jacks, SIM tray, charging port, speakers, and microphones. Ensure that the water hasn’t gone inside the phone as much. Although the SIM trays have a water-tight seal, water can get inside. Therefore, you must take the tray out and clean your phone thoroughly.

Try To Eliminate The Water Without Disassembling if It’s Possible

If your phone has drenched in water to the extent that the drops are coming from your screen sides, ports, and openings? If yes, you must rotate your phone upside down and let the water drop. Just ensure that it’s shut down. Although it’s not possible sometimes because phones are tightly assembled, it’s worth the shot if water is coming out. If you don’t move around your phone, the water will stay where it is and will come out in a few minutes. Be patient and give it a shot. You can also take help from mobile phone repair experts.  

Uncooked Rice

You must have heard about this trick. It is said that rice has crazy absorbent properties, and it absorbs water and moisture like no other. If your phone is water-damaged, you can keep it inside a bowl of uncooked rice for 24 hours. They will absorb the moisture and cling to where there is water. Although this method is great but has a few drawbacks to it. IUncooked rice contains dust particles and small broken rice particles that go inside the openings of your port and can even damage your phone beyond repair. Using this method comes with great care and responsibility. 

Packets of Silica Gel

Cell phone repair experts say that the most effective methods to absorb water and moisture are silica gel packets. These packets also have absorbent properties and can absorb water and moisture. You must have seen these packets in shoe boxes and even medicines. They are usually shipped to a humid and warmer place because they keep the humidity aside. If your phone has faced water damage, this is one of the best ways to fix the damage. Using Silica gel packets means that you are ensuring that nothing is inside the openings of your phone.

If you have tried and tested all the DIYs, but the phone is still acting up, you must take help from online phone repair shop angels. They will fix the issue in no time. 

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