6 Iron Doors That Are Trending for Bellevue Properties

6 Iron Doors That Are Trending for Bellevue Properties

In today’s day and age, it doesn’t make sense to live in a cabin-like house, with wooden doors. What you need is a modern spin to your entire house. There are several ways you can do that.

If you’re in search of a property, you can look for one that has modern architecture. However, if you already reside in an older house, you might need to jazz it up a bit. 

You can start by changing the lighting in the house and opting for warmer tones, and modern lights. But, if you’re looking for a major remodel, you can always try installing modern door designs.

Iron doors are a popular choice for modern architects and builders. So, if you’re trying to give your Bellevue property a modern touch, take a look at some good-quality iron doors. Before we begin, let’s dive into why iron door designs are so popular.

Iron Doors

Why Choose Iron Doors? 

Iron doors are one of the most popular choices for homeowners, architects, and door enthusiasts. While they’re great to look at and their sturdiness is impeccable, these aren’t the only reasons why someone chooses iron doors. Here are some of the most common reasons why someone would choose these doors. Let’s explore. 

  • Opting for iron doors for your property will increase property value, and give you a better return whenever you put it on the market. 
  • Iron doors add elegance and aesthetic appeal to a house, by making it look more spacious. 
  • Iron doors are easily customizable and therefore can give you a range of options to choose from. 
  • Iron doors support glass panels that allow you to have more natural light in the house as opposed to other types of doors. 

Types of Iron Doors

While iron doors have various advantages, you need to know the perfect iron door type that would suit your house. We have put together a few popular options, but we would suggest considering the interior of your house before picking one. Let’s begin! 

Bi-fold Iron Doors 

Iron Doors

Do you host a lot of dinner parties that require more space than what your house has to offer? We would suggest getting a bi-fold iron door for your patio. They can open up to create an extended space for when you host large parties that require more space. 

Bi-fold iron doors or accordions are a great way to save space, add a modern element, and make your living space appear larger. Bi-fold doors are also great for wardrobes and dining rooms. They allow you to have access to space whenever the need arises, while also providing privacy the rest of the time. 

Dutch Iron Doors 

Need to keep insects from your backyard out of the house without compromising on natural ventilation and sunlight? Get a Dutch iron door and operate the door at your convenience.

Dutch doors are split in the middle which makes them super functional. You can open the top half of the door for natural light and air while keeping the bottom half closed to ensure your pets can’t escape! 

Iron Wine Cellar Doors 

Iron Doors

Every wine enthusiast will understand how important it is to keep their wine collection safe and sound. It’s also super important to showcase the collection you have. The only kind of door that can help you do both is a French iron door. French doors serve as great wine cellar doors for safety, and aesthetic appeal. 

French Iron Doors 

French doors aren’t just great for wine cellars; they are one of the most popular options for front doors. French iron doors have several designs that you can choose from.

Adding these to the front of your house increases curb appeal, adds grandeur, and gives a grand modern touch. Add a few transoms, or sidelights to the door and you have a unique entrance. 

Sliding Iron Doors 

Iron Doors

Sliding iron doors are another great way to add some glamour to your house. Sliding doors don’t require a lot of space since they don’t operate with the help of hinges or pivots. They run along with a casement and require very little space. These are ideal for patios, balconies, and home offices! 

Pocket Doors 

Similar to sliding doors, pocket iron doors are another great way to maximize space in a room. They slide into wall deposits created adjacent to the doors, to make it look like the door never existed in the first place. 

These and a lot more designs are available for you to pick from at Pinky’s Iron Doors. Whether you need front iron doors or interior steel doors Washington, Pinky has it all. Choose from sliding doors, pocket doors, and more today. Just place a call, and let Pinky’s transform your house! 

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