How to Complete the GATE Syllabus in the 4th year of Graduation?

How to Complete the GATE Syllabus in the 4th year of Graduation?

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) evaluation test held in India assesses a student’s overall understanding of various undergrad engineering and scientific fields.

The Indian Institute of Science and seven Indian Institutes of Technology jointly organize GATE on behalf of the National Coordination Board.

The score is used to determine admission to several post-graduate education programs at Indian institutions of higher learning, with financing from the Ministry of Human Resource Development and some other government entities. GATE Syllabus should be known by the candidates before their first year itself so that they can manage the time limit and study for the exam.

There is no perfect time to start your GATE preparation. In general, about 6-8 months is enough time to score a respectable rank, so if you are in your 4th year of engineering, it is ideal to start your preparation for the exam. Trusted by over three crores students, BYJU’S Exam Prep offers high-end study material and experienced faculty to help them prepare for the GATE exam.

Prerequisites for GATE Preparation

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  •   Establish your goal and the exam you want to take from the start. Exam pattern, curriculum, and difficulty level should all be carefully examined.
  •   Before beginning their preparations, aspirants should carefully check the GATE Syllabus for their various specialities to understand each topic.
  •   Start gathering the previous year’s GATE question papers to better understand the pattern and level of GATE questions.
  •   Analyze previous year’s GATE questions and give each topic in your speciality a maximum and minimum weightage.

Make a career plan that includes current and long-term goals and a path for achieving them in the most efficient way possible. As an engineer, you should recognize the significance of planning and execution. The advisable course of action will be to follow a well-defined study plan.

Study plan for GATE Exam

  •   In the early stages of preparation, study and strengthen the topics with the maximum weightage, based on an analysis of previous year’s papers. When dealing with each subject, it is vital to maintain regular chapter time management, completing each chapter/topic within the subject’s set goal time frame.
  •   Prepare revision notes for every subject that includes all relevant definitions, formulae, and distinctions, among other things.
  •   Throughout your preparation, clarify all of your doubts. BYJU’S Exam Prep for GATE can help you clarify your doubts.
  •   After you’ve mastered each topic, practice past GATE questions by topic.
  •   To evaluate yourself after each test, try and concentrate on strengthening weak areas that you believe you need to develop. Focus on the Engineering Mathematics and General Aptitude section, which accounts for 30% of the overall weightage and can help you achieve a respectable rank.

Just studying and mastering all the topics will not be sufficient to score a decent rank in GATE. Revising the topics that you have already learned is equally essential.

Do Frequent Revision for GATE Preparation:

  •   It is not enough to compile revision notes; they must also be revised regularly.
  •   Every time you revise the same subject, it takes you to recollect the concepts decreases.

Make sure to do the following during revision:

  •   Recall the fundamentals of covered subjects by regularly reviewing and revising your class’s notes.
  •   Review the textbook sections that have been underlined or highlighted (essential topics).
  •   After that, attempt the underlined questions (a good question you have marked during the first time you were studying the topic).
  •   If time allows, move on to a new set of questions to challenge your critical thinking.

Practice Mock Tests Regularly:

  •   Mock tests can be practised in two ways. The first is daily self-practice, and the second is taking online practice tests. Not only will these tests help clarify the concepts, but they will also help build confidence.
  •   To boost your performance, practice the mock tests. The amount of time spent addressing each question and the number of successfully answered determine performance.

Last Minute Strategy:

  •   Don’t study any new concepts during the last two days of your preparation before the GATE exam.
  •   In the last few days before the exam, focus on refining the topics you have already learned.
  •   Before the exam day, make sure you have your exam admit card and are familiar with the test centre to avoid any confusion at the last moment.

We hope you all have a successful GATE exam and can move on to the next step of your education. Best wishes! BYJU’S Exam Prep for GATE provides all relevant GATE material, articles, daily quizzes, and study guides. BYJU’S Exam Prep for GATE also offers an online test series where students can practice answering GATE questions.

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