Green screen studio ideas for your next marketing campaign

Green screen studio ideas for your next marketing campaign

It’s no secret that green screen studio photography is a popular photography service, and for good reason. Green screen backgrounds allow your subject to be placed in front of any background you want – thus eliminating the need to travel all over town looking for amazing locations.

With green screen backgrounds, you’ll also get natural-looking lighting and choose from a variety of different green colors (or green chroma key color). You can even add special effects such as sun flares, bokeh or other computer graphics.

While green screen studio photography is perfect for many applications, businesses should consider alternate green screen studio ideas before booking an appointment with their local photographer. 

Here are some examples:

Idea #1: Retail Display Photography

If you own a small business, portable green screen studio photography could be a great alternative to retail window displays for attracting your customer’s attention.

You can green screen out the background and replace it with a green screen of your storefront – or a green screen of a fun holiday scene from this time of year.

Idea #2: Keynote Presentations

If you have an upcoming keynote presentation, green screen studio ideas can help boost your image as an industry leader.

In addition to using green screens behind you as you present, consider adding other elements such as graphics or text as well as branded backgrounds that relate to the topic of your keynotes. Your audience will feel like they’re sitting in on a virtual office meeting, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Idea #3: Product Photography

Another green screen studio idea for businesses is product photography. For example, if you own clothing store and want to show off new items on your website, green screen out the background and replace it with green screen of your storefront – or a green screen of outfits that compliment the item. Your customers will be able to visualize how it looks in real life.

Idea #4: Office Photo Shoot

If you’re interested in green screening an office photo shoot, don’t limit yourself to green screens only. There are lots of cool effects that can be accomplished through green screen studio ideas such as sun flares, bokeh and even computer generated graphics which can really give your image a designer look without the designer price.

Idea #5: Virtual Photo Shoot with a Celebrity

The possibilities green screen studio ideas offers don’t end at your own business. You can green screen the background and replace it with green screens of celebrities, movie posters, and cars… almost anything!

This green screen method also allows you to combine two different images into one mixed photo- all without having to travel anywhere or pay huge fees for marketing shoots.

Have you ever watched a green screen video or advertisement and thought “I wish I had that green screen studio?” Because green screens are not inexpensive, there is an investment in green screens which can be too large for many business owners. Or maybe you’re thinking green screen studios were just too big for your needs? 

With a green screen backdrop, you can easily green screen in 2 simple steps.

  • First, green screening in using green screens allows for you to back-drop any scene, anywhere. There are green screens available that are small enough to fit into your office or store. 
  • Second, green screen studios made with muslin-cotton green screens allow you to color your own green screen studio quickly and easily by following these 6 easy steps: 6 Easy Steps to Green Screening 

1) Pick out the green screen fabric background that best fits the size of your space. The larger the backdrop, the more vibrant it will be! This one is 36″ x 70″.

2) Next lay down a piece of chroma key blue. It should measure at least 4 feet wider than what you green are screening.

3) Pat downs your green screen to make sure there are no wrinkles. 

4) Add the green fabric background over top of the blue screen, taut as possible. 

5) Use green tape to tack the green screen fabric at 4 corners on the wall. Lastly, 

6) Hang up your green fabric backdrop and you’re ready to green screen! You can find cheap green screens for sale at that will allow you create a professional green screen studio easily in an office or home space by following simple instructions like these written above!  


When green screen studio ideas are used effectively they can have a dramatic impact on your business.

With green screens, anything is possible! You can use green screens to green screen out backgrounds and replace them with green screens or you can green screen in celebrities, models and anything else you might be interested in.

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